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Key Biscayne Restoration Expert Key Biscayne, FL 786-310-0105Mold like humans, is a life form and like any other form of life, has a special place in the cosmos. But while this perspective paints mold in a very positive light, think from the perspective of an inhabitant of a house reeling under mold growth, and your perspective would shift entirely. Mold growth starts as a slimy patch of organic proliferation and can soon pollute the air in the house with a nasty stench, which can lead to major health hazards for the dwellers of the facility. Not only this, mold growth eventually can eat away the very base it rests and feeds from, and hence jeopardizing the very structural identity of your facility.

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What are the causes of mold?

Water leaks: A simple leak from the plumbing installed in your house can add to the proliferation of mold. If left undetected or uncared for long, it can transform and take the form of a very unmanageable attack.

Condensation: Cold surfaces such as open plumbing or appliances and sills of the windows in your home will harbor condensed water and this may lead to mold growth eventually.

Poor ventilation: A poorly ventilated property will not get fresh air and this is an ideal condition for mold to proliferate.

Humidity: Humidity is a driver of mold and other organic growth. If the general level of humidity in your home is on the higher side, there are always the chances that your home is sheltering mold growth.

How do I know if there’s mold in my property?

This will not be a straight answer as mold is one of the most deceptive organic growths you would come across and it will take some really smart effort to detect it. The below cues can still be of assistance to you:

#1) There’s been some damage

Has your home recently suffered water damage? If yes, then you can certainly expect mold to be present. Are there any damp areas in the walls of your room, or on the ceiling which is in proximity to plumbing lines? Use a tissue to scrape the area slightly and see if there is any persisting moisture!

#2) You can smell mold

Mold is an organic growth which will certainly not lie low, when it starts to proliferate. It has a strange distinctive odor, and this odor will fill your living space, acting as a signal of mold infestation.

#3) You or someone else is sick

Your body shows the sign of your house being infested by mold, and this is a vital cue. If you or anyone in your family is complaining of headaches or respiratory issues which are with them for a prolonged time, chances are there is mold at work in your house.

I suspect there’s mold. What do I do?

A mold is more like an iceberg, with the real problem lying beneath the surface. This is why attempting to cleanup detected mold using household bleach on your own is never advisable. Instead, you should rush on to hire a mold remediation expert such as Key Biscayne Restoration Expert. We are the only mold remediation company in Key Biscayne, FL area who can assure you that we use EPA-approved chemicals to control mold activity and growth. This way, not only do we control the problem, but we do it in a way which isn’t harmful to the inhabitants of the facility.

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