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Miami-Dade is a gem of a place. The turquoise waters and the lush green trees together form a scene like nothing else. Beauty beyond bounds, Miami-Dade County has been stealing hearts the world over. The sight of the sun glistening and beaming against the skyscrapers and its clear waters is beyond amazing. The county grew to be an internationally loved and cherished tourist spot that people from all around the world could never get enough of. It all started when Flagler’s railroads came to the area, and that eventually paved the way for rapid urbanization.

Miami-Dade: It’s tragic magic

The vibes that emanate from Miami-Dade is nothing like one can imagine. It’s all glitter and gold, beauty and blossom, but whatever it maybe, it’s still a part of Florida. And that means one thing- it’s prone to flooding and other natural disasters due to the blessed nature’s negative courses. The region is prone to such disasters due to its topography, and nothing could be quite done about preventing nature from showing its flip side. Although the county has set up pumping system to flush out the flood waters, it could only work to an extent.

When Hurricane Wilma hit the region in 2005, the economy took a massive hit. Miami-Dade went through serious ramifications that made recovery seem like a great feat. Normalcy was nowhere to be seen – however, it was eventually achieved.

The beacon of hope:

Following the disaster, the authorities of Miami-Dade worked relentlessly to put the county together. However, there’s only so much that they could do. The need for restoration companies such as Key Biscayne Restoration Expert couldn’t be ignored at any cost. We worked along with our team day and night to restore properties, clear the debris and make normalcy a norm.

Despite the aftermath of hurricane Wilma and Irma affecting the availability of power, and dooming the county to darkness, Key Biscayne Restoration Expert possessed back-up generators that came in handy to power up the equipment used to pump out retained water and effectively managed to reduce the insurance claims by curtailing the losses. When no other business held the responsibility to be there during such testing times, we remained to serve the community.

Driven by the commitment to serve:

When demand rose for immediate restoration services, other businesses aimed at earning more money and drilling holes in their customers’ pockets. Key Biscayne Restoration Expert has always taken a different approach towards addressing the issues at hand. As we’re majorly a service-oriented firm, we ensure that our services are customer-friendly. Our restoration services are effective, affordable, and quick - a combination that many don’t provide at present in Miami-Dade County.

Whether its water damage, fire damage or the negative affects due to mold formation that is disturbing your tranquil life, our team has got your back! We ensure that we respond to your requests and be your amiable service provider at all times.

Services we deliver:

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  • Debris clearance
  • Deodorization and decontamination
  • 24/7 damage restoration services
  • Remodeling and renovation services
  • Water and fire damage restoration
  • Mold remediation
  • Reconstruction of the damaged property

Ask anyone around, and explore on your own, we assure you that no one can match up to the effectiveness and swiftness of our damage restoration services. Don’t believe us? Call us on 786-310-0105 to be the judge!