Key Biscayne


A few miles away from Miami lies a treasure called the Key Biscayne. The beauty of this island town is quite spellbinding. The turquoise water, the beautiful blue skies and the astounding greenery make this a piece of wonder like no other. Key Biscayne has the power to transport you from hectic civilization into pure tranquility. Offering a breath of fresh air to those who seek a break from the bustling city life, Key Biscayne with its sparkling waters, white coarse sands, and the perfect subtropical climate makeup for everything the city life doesn’t offer.

Key Biscayne: The paradise that is quickly sinking

People find an escape in Key Biscayne, and why wouldn’t they when the beauty manages to allure anyone who sets their eyes on it? But even with serene atmosphere, this island town cannot stop the worst from coming. Over the decades, the island has been subjected to severe hurricanes and other forms of natural disasters. King tide, hurricanes and flooding is very common, resulting in evacuation of residents every now and then at the onset of such events. Add to that, the island’s mere 3-feet of elevation from sea-level and climate change only makes the intensity of such events more grueling.

Hurricane Irma: Mass evacuations ordered:

Hurricane Irma of 2017 certainly shook the entire county, and Key Biscayne was one of the areas that were predicted to be affected in the worst form. The population was displaced, and things turned around for the worst. However, the effects weren’t as massive as expected, but certainly it did shake the island town. Salt water flooded homes, the trees toppled over, and electric lines were downed, disrupting electricity in general. Recovery would’ve been too difficult if it were not the efficient, effective and quick damage restoration services delivered by Key Biscayne Restoration Expert.

What we did?

Freshwater flooding is certainly problematic, yet salt water intrusion can deteriorate the structure altogether. It’s highly imperative for the structure to be inspected and treated at once when salt intrusion occurs. With our due experience in the field, we knew the ramifications of salt water intrusion; hence we ensured that we reached onsite as soon as we received a call on 786-310-0105. We dried out our clients’ properties, cleared the debris, fixed the damaged structures, and restored everything to the pre-loss condition.

Our comprehensive service range:

Apart from serving the Key Biscayne community during natural disasters, we are a dedicated firm that undertakes a plethora of smaller projects such as:

Key Biscayne Restoration Expert Key Biscayne, FL 786-310-0105

  • Water/fire damage restoration services
  • Debris removal
  • Smoke and soot removal
  • Water leak detection
  • Property maintenance
  • Modeling/makeover of structure
  • Mold remediation
  • Reconstruction service

We provide all this and more in the following zip codes:


If you live in Key Biscayne, you can always call the professionals at Key Biscayne Restoration Expert by dialing 786-310-0105 and avail our services.