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A mere spark , coming from either faulty wiring or a combustible source, is all that it takes to burn down your treasured home and its possessions to the ground. Although this might seem like an irrevocable condition in your life, we at Key Biscayne Restoration Expert can figuratively help you transform your home into a phoenix and get it to rise from the very ashes. In fact this is what we have been doing for over two decades now for numerous customers in Key Biscayne, FL area, through our professional and renowned fire damage restoration services.

The collateral damage done:

Key Biscayne Restoration Expert Key Biscayne, FL 786-310-0105The sight of a fire attack can be devastating and it may seem that the damage inflicted upon your property is irrevocable. But bear in mind that by delaying remediation, you are only adding to the damage and this is why calling for professional help in the very first instance is of prime importance. The smoke and ash left behind post a fire can char and discolor other belongings and surfaces, which can cost you a lot of money to reclaim. There is also the risk of the persisting toxic odors which can be detrimental to the health of the inhabitants.

A fire which has burned your house is a reality, but what is also another reality is that your prompt actions post this can help you minimize any collateral damage caused due to the fire.

After a fire: What to do first?

The very first crucial step to take post the fire has been brought under control is to make the first contact with your insurance company and report the mishap. Next, before you think of venturing out to assess the damage to your property, it is wise to give us a call on 786-310-0105 and have one of our fire remediation experts do this assessment for you. Our restoration experts can assess your property and help you decide if you can be in the property while the restoration work is in progress. There is the risk of the leftover smoke and ash, along with any potentially-charred items which can fall unannounced from your property.

What we do?

It is crucial that the remediation and fire control comes in instantly, as soon as there is fire and this is where a single remediation expert will struggle. When you call upon fire remediation service from Key Biscayne Restoration Expert, be rest assured there will be a team of remediation experts reaching you, who can bail you out of the fire damage within no time. Expect us to assist you with the following.

  • Fire damage cleanup:

Cleaning up the scene of a fire attack is something we have great expertise with and our service does not just end with mere cleanup - we sanitize the entire space for you to use it as before.

  • Removing Debris:

There will be a considerable amount of debris lying unattended on a fire attack scene such as curtains, burned furniture etc., which we can try to salvage or discard, if the need be.

  • Deodorization

Now that the fire is out of the way, do you need something done about this smoky stench which persists? We can step in and deodorize your property effectively, to make it smell fresh again, as before.

A fire attack can and will not just break your property physically, but also wrench the heart of the most strong-willed as well. Fear not the least when we are here to restore order into your property and bring relief to your aching heart.

Has a fire created havoc in your home or office in Key Biscayne, FL area? Don’t just sit on it and call 786-310-0105 at once!